One week later…

So I have been doing the all natural hair care for the past week. So far, I like it, but it’s hard to get used to NOT having shampoo and conditioner all over my head for a good portion of my shower. My head does feel cleaner overall. Over the past day, I have noticed a little more oilyiness but that’s normal according to other people’s experiences. In my hair, which is overly frizzy, I have needed to add coconut oil to the vinegar routine. I wish I had thought about using this earlier! It’s kind of like magic. BUT I wouldn’t recommend using it if you have more greasy hair. It’s great for those of us with natural curls and/or frizz, but it is oil, so you will hate it if you have thin straight, or greasy hair types.

This second week of the experiment I am trying a little more baking soda in my shampoo mixture, but keeping the vinegar solution the same. I am only changing the shampoo because I figure I am playing around with it so I may as well experiment 🙂 Until next week…


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