Final Update of Hair Care

Alright, final update. I officially love the no shampoo movement. My hair is significantly stronger, and the most apparent change I have seen is that I no longer shed. You know how you brush your hair and your brush is full of dead hair that fell out? Apparently that’s not normal. I used to shed ALL the time. My hair was everywhere. Since I have stopped using shampoo, I have noticed that my bathroom is no longer a hair jungle after I get ready in the morning, saving me an additional 5 minutes of cleaning time a day. My hair is also actually curly and no longer just a big frizzy mess. I wore it up today because I was cleaning, but I CAN wear it down and not worry about it making me look like a mad woman.

Now, if you are considering trying this, I highly recommend it. You have to make sure you do it in a fashion that fits your lifestyle though, otherwise you’re not going to understand why people do it. The hardest part for me was getting used to not having the shampoo frothiness everywhere during my showers. That was a huge part of my routine since…well since I started taking showers. Also the creamy conditioning was a huge part of the routine. Now I am used to a simpler washing routine, and I would say I am more careful about the cleaning process since I don’t have the froth to signal the end of a cleaning cycle which makes me think I am a much cleaner person now.

Well, that’s the end of my documenting about my new process of hair care. My next big thing will be juicing. I am saving up to purchase a top of the line juicer so I won’t be starting that for a little while. But when I do, I will certainly make sure I share all of my discoveries! Till then.


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