Natural shaving gel

I purchased my juicer (finally) and will soon be dedicating a post or two to the raw food diet I am planning on taking. But for now, I want to give a little time to some natural body care tips that I think are important.

Anyone reading this may think that I am a person who falls under the category of ‘hippie’. Anyone talking to me may also think the same thing. I talk incessantly about all natural lifestyles, the benefits of coconut oil, embracing nature, recycling, and so on. I’m not a hippie though. I work for a corporation, drive a relatively nice car, own a house in the suburbs, go to a gym, my dogs are chihuahuas, I eat out at nice restaurants, and order the soufflĂ© for dessert. I would probably fall under the category of a granola, someone who embraces natural living and is open minded, but doesn’t embrace the anti government, anti establishment values that hippies have. This is not really important to my post other than specifying that I represent middle America, so following any of the ideas I have laid out or will lay out does not make qualify you as taking an extreme measure.

On to the natural shaving gel. I enjoy clean shaven legs. That being said, I realize that shaving is typically very bad for skin. Daily exfoliation taken to the extreme, shaving can cause a lot of irritation that dries out our epidermal layer very quickly. I would actually recommend waxing or using the Middle Eastern form of hair removal known as threading. If you don’t know what that is, here is basic description of how it works. It’s popular for eyebrows (because no one wants hot wax near your eyes…ouch) but if you can figure out how to use it yourself, it works really well for body hair removal. I have tried and tried to do it, but I don’t have the patience or time necessary to devote to learning how to use this technique. I have also tried to use waxing, since that is something I could do myself, but with little success. So it was back to shaving.

Now the title of this piece is a little misleading, as the natural shaving gel/cream I use is water. I just thought that if I am going to be dedicating time to explaining the natural methods of self and home care, I should include as much as I can. I use water for a couple of reasons. Mass market shaving gel is not a good way of shaving. The products contain a large amount of alcohol, alcohol derivatives, and other products that are put into your tiny opened pores while shaving. One thing to note however, is that using a shaving gel or cream, can help keep your razors lasting a little longer. Water is quick and inexpensive. I can cut out the whole lathering portion of shaving and just get it over with while in the shower. When I get out of the shower, I use coconut oil or aloe vera to help restore my precious skin. Voila!

Now there are some individuals who prefer using shaving cream/gel and if you are looking for a good recipe check out here. I enjoy her blog and she seems to share many of the values I am trying to dedicate this blog to.

So there you have it. This was a quick entry, but one I wanted to go ahead and get out of the way as I get into more exciting ways of living naturally.


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