Beginning the journey…

Today while cleaning, I realized how much cleaning solution I must be breathing in. Needless to say I did not enjoy the thought of breathing in the same chemicals that warn us to avoid ingesting them at all costs. So I began a little research project on natural cleaning solutions and discovered that apple cider vinegar can clean most things just as well as those OTHER solutions. Armed with my newly mixed 1:3 solution of ACV and water, I began to clean my kitchen, my bathrooms, my washer and dryer, my stove… It was a magical couple of hours for me. With my house now sparkling clean, I sat down with my ipad to discover what else ACV can be used for. Obviously for cooking, and I already use it as a soak to soften my feet; but the one item that made me determined to dive headfirst into an all natural lifestyle was (drum roll please): hair conditioner???

Yes it turns out, apple cider vinegar, mixed with water, and an essential oil of whatever fragrance you like, is a fantastic way to soften frizzy or damaged hair follicles. Some more reading led me to discover that shampoos are, as I have long suspected, but never quite come around to investigate, full of chemicals and ingredients which make it difficult for the scalp and hair to make the natural oils it needs to maintain beautiful hair. This site gives a great non biased overview of what switching to a no shampoo routine can do for you. My day of research has encouraged me to try this out. So I am dedicating the next few months to attempting this no ‘poo thing. Will I stop washing my hair? Hell no. But instead of shampoo I will switch to a baking soda + water mixture.

My reasons for doing this?
First, as I mentioned shampoo is full of chemicals that are harmful to the body. Why on earth would I put something on my hair that has ingredients that end in -alcohol? I want my hair to be less dry, but shampoo AND conditioner both have drying ingredients. Second, I have spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on hair care products. This provides a significantly cheaper way of addressing hair cleanliness with less work than it takes to get in my car, go to the store, pick out shampoo and conditioner, pay for the items, get back in my car, and come home. So no sacrifice. Third, I have been very, VERY slowly trying to transition to an all natural lifestyle and this for me is the plunge taking step I need to go ahead and get this ball rolling.


This is something I will be experimenting with, but I’ve got plenty of time to play around with it. The recommended starting mix for the wash is 1 Tbl baking soda to 1 Cup of water. Easy to make. The recommended starting mix for the conditioning serum is 2 Tbl ACV to 1 Cup of water + a few drops essential oil. Also easy to make. So here goes.